Orion Guide Service
PO Box 1734
how Low, AZ 85902


Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Hunts

Daily Hunts

If ya only got time to go out here and there, then this is a good hunt for you. We will go out and start lookin for track. Using our hounds we will do our best to get you on a lion, either by foot, horseback, quad or vehicle.

$300.00 per Day

$1000.00 when harvest achieved
Weekend Hunts

Here's a 3 day hunt for the weekends you don't have nothin else to do. Meet up on friday, hunt like crazy till Sunday.

$750.00 for 3 days

$1000.00 when harvest achieved

$250.00 extra if ya want me to bring the grub and do the cooking!
Week Hunts

Now this is how ya get to know who we are. Good whole week of runnin lion. 6 days whenever ya can. We'll feed ya, tell ya jokes and probably pick fun at ya most the time. Oh and maybe get us a lion!!

$2500.00 for 6 days and grub and a heck of a hunt!!

$1000.00 harvest Fee
Call for details and prices on extra hunters or tag alongs!